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The Programmable Logic Jump Station attracts a large audience of qualified engineers from a world-wide customer base. Let them know about your product or service by placing a banner advertisement on one of our pages! Our affordable plans offer you a flexible, cost-effective means to reach thousands of potential customers.

How To Place an Ad

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Pages and Plans

Our various plans offer you maximum flexibility for your product promotion campaign. The following table lists

Page Max. Ads
Per Page
Max. File
The Programmable Logic Jump Station 1 15K
Free and Low-Cost Software 2 10K
Development Software 2 10K
Synthesis Tutorials 2 10K
Programmable Logic
2 10K
What's New 3 10K
Books 2 10K
Device Vendor Summary 2 10K
Boards 2 10K
News Groups 3 10K
Research 3 10K
Miscellaneous 3 10K
Info Search 3 10K
Consultants 2 10K
Conferences 3 10K

Suggested Images Sizes and Formats

OptiMagic highly recommends that banner ads meet these suggested specifications:

Dimensions: 400 pixels wide by 40 pixels high
File Format: GIF
File Size: < 10K bytes
Animation: Optional. Allowed.

These specifications are only recommendations. Generally, we can accommodate special needs. OptiMagic reserves the right to make minor cosmetic changes to improve page layout or site response time. OptiMagic also reserves the right to change the timing on any animated GIF image. Any changes must receive final customer approval.


Large World-Wide Audience

During 1999, the Programmable Logic Jump Station attracted:

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What Others Say About the Programmable Logic Jump Station

From Nguyen Ho at nguyenho@earthlink.net

"This site is fantastic ! I have made this URL my starting point for PLD related information search. Thanks for doing EE's a great service by providing it. I plan to let others know about this site."

From J. Beattie at j.beattie@nortel.co.uk


I must take the time to congratulate you on a superb (certainly the best I`ve come across) jump point site.

I`ve just started with Nortel and my first task has been PLD`s, finding your site has made my life so much better in each and every way (well certainly working with PLD`s ;-) )

I haven't found much wrong yet, but there is so much I've hardly started to utilise the potential of the site.

Once again congratulations on producing a site that should be a template for other people either doing or considering doing similar sites. Well done!"

From Zeev at zeev@cadence.com

"I browsed through your site - visited some of your references it is a very useful and quite comprehensive site - thanks a lot"

From Brian Dipert at edndipert@worldnet.att.net

"Great job on this site. I often find myself wandering over here when looking for resources for programmable logic articles, and have already advertised it as a good resource in a few writeups I've done."

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