Triscend E5 Development Environment
(Evaluation Version)

The following free downloads allow you to build a complete Triscend E5 Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) development environment. Before downloading, know that Triscend recommends at least 192 MB of RAM in order to use FastChip. It operates on lesser machines but there is a noticeable performance difference. Biggest and baddest machines are bestest!
1. 8051 'C' Compiler/Assembler
First, download and install the Keil 'C' compiler/assembler for the E5's embedded 8051 microcontroller. Keil's free evaluation software has some limitations but is useful for evaluating the E5 devices and development environment. The Keil software also includes an integrated development environment, simulator, and source-level debugger for the 8051. [Request CD-ROM]

Triscend FastChip
After installing the Keil compiler, download and install the Triscend FastChip development system. The Triscend installation program does some automatic setup if you install Keil first. The FastChip installation also includes Triscend's parameterized module library. Without a license, you can do everything with FastChip except build designs using more than 256 logic cells.



OPTIONAL: Schematic Editor
If you would like to create your own custom logic functions for the E5 device using schematic capture, download and install the free web-based version of the OrCAD Capture schematic editor. The only limitation is that you must log into the OrCAD system via the web each time you start the program. The symbol and macro libraries are included in the Triscend FastChip download image. [Request CD-ROM]


OPTIONAL: VHDL or Verilog Logic Synthesis
If you wish to VHDL or Verilog logic synthesis to create your own custom logic functions for the E5 device, download and install the evaluation version of Synplicity Synplify. Synplicity offers a 20-day trial period. Be sure to request support specifically for Triscend.



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